One Direction Dirty Imagines

This song! It’s amazing!

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Niall Horan Dirty Imagine #1

You and Niall are on a vacation on a Cruise Ship going to Hawaii. You just settled down in your room when Niall sneaks up behind you and hugs your waist tightly. “(Y/N), thank you for giving me love all these years. I have to give something to you.” he said, turning you to face him. “What is it, Nialler?” you asked him. “My last name.” he said, getting on one knee. You gasped as he said, “(Y/N), please make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?” A tear of joy runs down your cheek. You were just about to say ‘Yes’ when you had a better idea. “Hold on a second.” you told him, kissing him on the cheek before you took your suitcase and headed into the bathroom. “(Y/N), are you okay?” he asked following you. “I’m fine. I’ll be out in a minute. You just relax on the bed.” you told him. You heard his footsteps leading away from the door. You opened your suitcase and pulled out the sexiest lingerie you had and put it on. After about a 4 minutes, you were finally ready. You got out of the bathroom and found Niall watching TV. “Hey, baby.” you said in a sexy tone. Niall did a very loud wolf-whistle. You laughed. “Now, we’re going to have sex and your going to like it. It is going to answer the question you asked me earlier. If it’s good, I’ll marry you. But if it stunk, we’ll stay together just as boyfriend and girlfriend. ” you growled at him. “Is it safe to say that you’re giving me a boner?” he asked you. “Yes.” you said walking over to him. He licked his lips. You like it, but you couldn’t tell him. “You’re going to do whatever I say. Got it?” you demanded. He nodded. “Stand up.” was the first command you gave him. He stood up in front of you with a scared look on his face. “Close your eyes.” he didn’t hesitate to do so. He closed his eyes tightly and looked up at the ceiling. “Now, relax and enjoy the feeling.” you told him. You unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, not pulling down the zipper just yet. As you massaged his balls through his pants, he panted very hard. The bulge in his pants got bigger. “You like that, huh?” you asked him rhetorically. You unzipped the zipper and pulled his pants down to his ankles. You licked his balls through his boxers. He let out a very loud moan. You slowly pulled down his boxers to reveal his hard cock. You pulled his boxers to his ankles and began to lick the tip of his penis. He screamed out “(Y/N)!” You stopped licking the top of his cock and stood up. “Take your pants off all the way.” you demanded. He did that, but instead of standing back in place, he practically wrestled you until all of your clothes were off. “We’re going to have sex and you’re going to like it. It will be hot sex and we’ll get married.” he told you. “Got it?” he said in a sexy tone in your ear. You nodded and smiled. He grabbed you by the waist and threw you on the bed. You landed on your side and he forcefully, but not strong enough to hurt you, pushed you down so you were on your back. “Open your legs.” he demanded. You opened your legs very slowly. He squeezed his head between your legs and licked your soaking wet pussy. Eating you out, he took his right hand and stuck one of his fingers inside of you. You let out a small squeal. He giggled and continued to pleasure you. He took his left hand and rubbed your clit while he licked and fingered you. You screamed with joy as he pleasured you. You were about to cum when he took his finger out of you. “Tease.” you told him jokingly. “You know how it feels then.” he said as he lifted you up and got under you. “Get on me.” he demanded. “How bad do you want it?” you asked him, rubbing your clit very hard. His eyes widened. “Bad!” he yelled. “You’re gonna have to prove it.” you told him. “Okay. I will.” he said getting on top of you. He started giving you lovebites all over your body. You couldn’t help but moan every time he moved to a new spot on your body. “Now, how bad do you want it?” he asked you. “Bad!” you yelled. “How bad?” he asked you, sucking on your right boob. He bit down on your nipple and you yelled, “JUST GET IN ME ALREADY!” He laughed and put his very, very hard cock inside of your tight body. You screamed as the pain and pleasure got a hold of you. “Wow, you’re tighter than I imagined.” he admitted. “You imagine how tight I am?” you asked, stopping his hard thrusts. “Yeah.” he said, embarrassed. “Well, who told you to stop?” you asked. He smiled and continued pleasuring you with hard thrusts. He went deeper and deeper with every thrust. You and Niall continued making love until you both got tired and went to bed at 6:00 A.M. You woke up the next morning to find that Niall was awake, quietly watching you sleep. “How long have you been awake?” you asked him. “Two hours. You just look so beautiful when your sleeping.” he told you. You blushed. “So was it good?” he asked you, hoping your answer would turn out good. “It was amazing. And I was going to say yes anyways. I just wanted to have fun.” you told him. He laughed and kissed you. “I love you.” he said. You whispered, “I love you, too, Nialler.” before you both went back to sleep in each others arms. 


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